Work in Progress

I am just keeping busy on the break and I thought I would try making a cover for one of my favorite books. Here are a couple of working roughs. I would love any feedback, crit, etc. thanks guys.


Spacey Tuna said...

Brilliant work Patrick! For me I think the second one is a lot more stronger than the first visually. Maybe thats just my way of simple things. But the blue triangles detract too much from the main image for me, maybe they could be a little smaller like the brown at the top? Thats not to say I dislike it though, I think they're both fantastic and the way you use colour is great.

Shannon said...

I like the format of the top one, and the face in the middle one (less dark, you can see the animal/child shape more clearly). The eyes kind of freak me out a little in the middle one though. I like the orange shapes in the top one: feeling of flames.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Are you submitting or have submitted it to the Lord of the Flies cover redesign contest?

I like the second one. The triangles at the top and bottom frame the faces very well, it's almost claustrophobic and menacing...which...fits the book.